Book on Women and AIDS

Hi all,

At the women’s breakfast, Monica Green asked about books on women and AIDS.  I finally had a chance to do a literature search.  One book that looks like it might fit the request is:

Kathleen J. Hogan,  Women Take Care: Gender, Race, and the Culture of AIDS (New York: Cornell University Press, 2001).

I’m not familiar with the book but it looks fascinating.  Has anyone read it?  If so, would you recommend it?

Heather Munro Prescott

Professor of History

Central Connecticut State University

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Symposium on Food and Medicine at Wellcome Trust

‘Food and Medicine 1650-1820’

Friday 22 May 2009 from 1020
The Wellcome Building, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE (Fifth Floor) UK

Registration required. To download the programme and registration form in
pdf format, please click here:

For information on our other events, please see:

Posted by Prof. Hal Cook, Director, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of
Medicine at UCL,

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Eileen Basker Memorial Prize announcement

Dear WHOMers,

Here’s the announcement for the 2009 competition for the Eileen Basker Memorial Prize. (Ignore the date; they forgot to update the announcement.)

Historians of medicine have won this award in the past, so don’t be shy about sending in nominations for work you consider to be of superior quality and impact.

Monica Green


The SMA welcomes nominations for the 2008 Eileen Basker Memorial Prize, awarded annually for a significant contribution to scholarship on gender and health by scholars from any discipline or nation, for a specific book, article, film, or exceptional PhD thesis produced within the preceding three years. Winners receive a $500-$1000 cash award and are recognized at the SMA business meeting during the AAA.

The Basker Prize is awarded to the work judged to be the most courageous, significant, and potentially influential contribution to scholarship in the area of gender and health.

Nominations are invited from one or more individuals in the form of a letter indicating the impact of the particular work on the field. Self-nomination is not permitted. Publishers of nominated books are expected to supply three copies of the relevant work to the Prize Committee.

Enquiries and nominations should be sent to the chair of the Basker Prize Committee:

Dr. Carolyn Sargent
Department of Anthropology, SMU
Dallas, Texas, 75252 USA
For further information, here’s the SMA’s webpage:

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