Two Other New Books

My book, Juana Briones of 19th Century California, explains her
importance both as a nurse and a doctor. Whenever people of her time
visited her home and wrote about it, they mentioned her caring for
sick people there. She also was famous as a curandera, using herbal
medicine and treatments that she learned both from Indians and from
her mother and other relatives. This kind of history is important to
explain women in medicine. She was illiterate, and a recent article
about a man who opened the first medical practice in San Francisco,
credited with founding the first hospital, was illiterate. I did
research on folk medicine for the book, and think it is valuable in
understanding the role of women before they were admitted to medical
schools and women throughout time as healer.  University of Arizona
Press, 2008.  Jeanne Farr McDonnell


Dear WHOMers,

I might as well announce my new book too, even though I’m a few months behind. . . It’s called Bodies in Doubt: An American History of Intersex (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009).
The book looks at the medical management of intersex (atypical sex development) from the colonial period to the present.  It’s ridiculously expensive, but if anyone is interested in a 25% off coupon, just email me, and I’ll gladly send you one.    Best, Lizzie
Elizabeth Reis
Associate Professor
Women’s and Gender Studies
1298 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
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