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I’m now a guest blogger for Ms. online covering women’s health issues, and I thought I’d let interested authors on this list know. If you have a book that came out recently (or one that can be directly tied to present current events), please query me personally about sending me a copy and press materials. As the mother of two sons under 2, my reading time is limited, so I will only have you send me a book if I can promise I can read it.

But this blog does give me a good excuse to carve out time for important books, and maybe plant a seed for others to cover them also. I know as the author myself that it can be challenging to get mainstream media coverage for a feminist health book.

FYI, here are my first two postings, about the meager state of federal-funding for migraine, and its effect on migraine sufferers (mostly women) on a day-to-day level:

My Headache and I on the Hill

Migraine: the North Korea of Disabilities

All best,

Paula Kamen

(author of Her Way, All in My Head and Finding Iris Chang)  Chicago, IL

PS: I’m also writing one about how GIs coming back from the wars with major migraine problems is spurring new research on the disease. If there are any historians who know about how veterans have influenced research in rehabilitation issues, please email me off list. Thanks!

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